Joe McNamara for Supervisor


Fiscally Conservative Leadership

Joe's Record



As a fiscal conservative Joe McNamara believes low taxes encourage prosperity, for the individual and businesses. That's why Joe has worked hard to reign in oppressive tax rates.  Joe has successfully lead the charge to reduce the real estate tax three times over while serving on the board of supervisors. He has also succeeded in reducing business taxes two times during his most recent term as Supervisor. Joe not only talks about reigning in taxes, he leads the fight. 


Joe's capable leadership is repeatedly recognized by his colleagues on the Roanoke County Board of Supervisors. During his time in office he has been elected Vice Chairman five times and is now serving as Chairman of the board for the fifth time. 



As a Certified Public Accountant Joe realizes that out of control debt can cripple any organization and he has worked diligently with other members of the county board to lower the county debt (without raising taxes!). His leadership saw a $28 Million reduction in debt since 2012. County debt versus Assessed Value of 1.95% is the lowest level in ten years and half the debt level of 25 years ago.